From the Director’s Desk

Haiti….the poorest nation in the weatern hemisphere; and that was before the earthquake. Hunger, disease, and violence are just some of the everyday issues that Haitians endure. There is little hope of any kind of life except one of poverty and oppression.

Why is the nation of Haiti so desperately poor? There are three primary reasons I see, although there are undoubtedly many more.

First of all, I see a corrupt government that does not always act in the best interest of its citizens

Secondly, there is a lack of education. The literacy rate in Haiti is somewhere in the vicinity of 50-60%.

Finally, there is a spiritual darkness in Haiti that we in America seldom, if ever, see. Voodoo and witchcraft are commonplace among the Haitian people.

So, what can you and I do about these issues facing the people of Haiti? There is probably nothing we can do about the government. However, helping to solve the other two issues is why the Mark 6-34 Project Inc has been created.

The mission of the Mark 6-34 Project is to promote Christian education in Haiti. About 90% of schools in Haiti are private or church schools. However, most Haitians are trying to survive on about $1 US dollar per day or less. This puts private school tuition out of reach of many Haitians. Since the US dollar goes so far in Haiti, we are provided with a great opportunity. For only $25 US dollars per year, an annual scholarship can be provided for one Haitian child to attend a private Christian school. By providing these scholarships, we will be actively participating in pushing back the barriers of ignorance through a quality education, and fighting back against the powers of spiritual darkness by shining the Light of the Gospel in the country of Haiti.

I would ask you to please join with me in giving generously as we endeavor to shine the Light of the Gospel and help provide a quality education to the children of Haiti. May the Lord richly bless you!

Steve Giles, Director